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Dec. 23rd, 2009

Fresh new start.

I'm switching blog. Follow me @ http://himynameishas.blogspot.com/ .

You have been a great online diary. So long, vicstyle. I'm gonna miss you.

Dec. 21st, 2009

A little news about Patrick Stump.

You know this man right here?


If you listen to Fall Out Boy, or if you're a fan of any Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen bands, you should know him. He is Patrick Martin Stumph, better known as Patrick Stump, the lead singer and guitarist of Fall Out Boy. He is also a composer, co-owner of Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen record label, and a producer. He is a fine man with multi-talents. As they put it, "a mad scientist" of music.

Most of the time, when I told people I'm a 'believer never dies' (or simply a big-ass fan) of Fall Out Boy, they would assume I only like FOB because of Pete Wentz. They couldn't be more wrong. I'm a fan of the band as a whole, I'm a fan of their work. But of course, my favorite person in the band is NOT Pete, but Patrick. He is decent, well-mannered. Plus he doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, doesn't smoke and doesn't have any tattoos.

Alright. I just wanna tell you that he has lost weight and is fitter than he used to be. Check him out in this video :
Or if you're lazy enough to wait for it to buffer, see this photo.


See the difference? Personally, I prefer the bigger version of him. I don't know, that's what made him different. Now he's just as skinny like most people. Typical. But whatever. He can go black and I still love him.

So those of you who enjoy making fun of him being fat, you can finally stop being a fucking jerk now. Honestly grow up, stop judging people from the outside and start looking on the inside.

That is all, I thank you.

Dec. 20th, 2009

Artistic perfection. Esso è impressionante. Check this out if you're a gamer.


Assassin's Creed.

Have you ever heard of this game? If you have, either you have played it before, or you are making the worst mistake of your gamer side's life. If you haven't, well now you have! Okay I'm being dramatic. Cross that.

I have a lot of favorites, but this, is a truly fine art. I gotta warn you though, it's violent, and has a certain aspect of religions. Some muslims may find this offensive I think. There are Jawi writings on the building, the soldiers whisper Islamic prayers. But I don't find it offensive, not really. Because the antagonists are jews, and the muslims are just supporting characters. To point out, they didn't try to make Islam look bad. And the storyline is just about finding a treasure. They didn't make fun of Islam, and God was not involved in the plot, at all. And trust me, eventhough I might not be the most religious person, I'm still a devoted muslim, and I won't applaud it if I find it offensive.

Okay back to the game.

The first one was fine, but the second instalment was beyond great. You can read reviews on the internet to find out more.

I give Assassin's Creed a 9/10, and Assassin's Creed II an outstanding 10/10.

If you're a gamer, you have to play this game. HAVE. Buy it. Borrow it. Steal it, if you must. I'm just kidding on the last part, but I'm serious on the first two.

And oh, it's a PS3 and XBox 360 game. You can play Assassin's Creed on computer as well, and the PC version of Assassin's Creed II is scheduled for release in March 2010.

A little too soon, but waay too late. So what's the timeline?

I wrote half of this post a few days ago, and just continue from draft. So don't mind the slowness of the output to reach you.

My cats just gave birth to three kittens which look almost like each other. Same size, same colors, just different spots. We're not gonna keep it though. So if you want an orange/white kitten, just holla. I'll consider giving it to you.

And so I heard, Malaysia won against Vietnam? I was actually pretty shocked, because Malaysian football team sucks big time. Then I read the newspaper, and oh yes, my opinion stands firmly. Vietnam lost because their attacker shot their own goal. HAHAHA. They won by luck, and the coach claimed he's the KING of Sea Games? HAHAHAHA. What a clown. I'm not being a pessimist, and you can't run from the fact. No offense to the fans.

"Don't think when you can't think."

I saw Storm Warrior, and truth be told, it's not worth it. The effects are overrated and just too much. They should stop depending on the technology too much and start using the nature. More realistic, and cooler. The storyline is pretty cool though. I hope the next instalment (if there's any) won't suck as much as the second, and kick ass like the first one.

Hey. My close friend at KPM, Nana will be studying in the same college next sem. This is unexpected. It'll be a hell lot easier for me to leave if she didn't get Bandar Penawar. Oh dear.

Dec. 16th, 2009

"We'll just sing it for them."

#1 - Haha what the fuck dude.I checked my notifications page on myspace while waiting for this page to load, and I saw an advertisment on the right side of the screen. I thought it was trying to say something about people having seizure or anything related to mental disease. But then I looked closer, it was Tomok, the wiener - i mean it - of One In A Million. Maybe he's trying to act like a rockstar. Or maybe he was having a seizure. I don't know, either way, he looks like a retard with unreal wig. Or is it really his hair?

#2 - What the fuck. I just realized that I only have like a week left before going back to college. Shit. I'm not done with Assassin's Creed. And I haven't prepared ANYTHING. Geez!

# 3 - What the fuck is wrong with tmnet? They block Rapidshare? Fuck! We paid... - no - people paid you to provide us with internet connections. I know over access to Rapidshare leads to lagness, but the solution is to increase your bandwidth, not block our source of illegal downloads! I wish I could file a complain, but since I well uhh don't have the right to do so, will any of you do it for me?

# 4 - I'm listening to King of Wishful Thinking cover version by New Found Glory. A while ago I felt a jolt of electricity in my stomach. I thought I heard Patrick. I pressed rewind over and over again. I had to be sure, so I google the song, but no Patrick was mentioned. I tried on Youtube, and wallah - it IS Patrick! Hahaha. Okay this is so irrelevant. Sorry for wasting three minutes (or so) of your life reading this. =P

ps: I don't feel guilty using the f-word. Fuck is a totally innocent word, people make it look bad. Please don't hate it.

"Your head is really big! Does it wiggle?"
"Maybe. Only if you touch it."
"Really? Touch it."
"I said if YOU touch it."

Dec. 15th, 2009

I had nightmares for 3 nights in a row now. Fuck.

First night. I had a dream about Eman and Aeed. Aeed disliked me and told Eman to stop being my friend. At first Eman refused to, but later on stopped being my friend anyway.

Second night. I had a dream about my brother being mad at me for no reason. And everyone in the family blamed me for something I didn't do. Zzz.

Last night. I had a dream about myself getting married to someone I can't remember who. My friends were there, but they totally ignored me. Eman even said, "I stopped being your friend, remember?" sort of. My family disagreed with my choice, so I had to handle my wedding all by myself. Then the scariest part. Ya know what married couple do on their first night. =.='' Yeah well the husband was trying to get me into doing it, but I told him my red flag is up so we can't do it. Then I ran away because I was afraid to have sex, and fell from the roof of some building (dunno how I got there). And I fell off my bed.

ps: No nudity involved. But I remember I peed my pants. Lucky I didn't pee in the real world.

Doesn't sound as scary when I write this. Huh. Just some dreams.

Dec. 14th, 2009

I feel exactly the same.

The first time I read this, I felt like it's kinda surreal that there's someone I idolize feels the exact same thing as I do. But then, he's human like I am, so it's not entirely impossible for us to share the same feelings. Plus, I think it's natural for him to feel what he feels, because it's what he does after all. Here's what he wrote:

"for what feels like forever fall out boy has been my therapy. i don't know what it was before that. but it was a part of everything i felt. i know i might not have smiled or talked at meet and greets from time to time. sometimes we had flown in at 5 am or i was sick or had something going on. sometimes i felt shy. sometimes just a bit off. most times i assume people dislike me when i meet them so i dont really talk a whole lot. but every single night on that stage is where i left everything that was twisted up inside my stomach. every single wish. everything. all of the big blackness poured out in sweat, words, screams. and i have to admit i let the fame bug crawl inside me and turn me into mr. hyde for a minute. but i was off of that a long time before anyone thinks i was- in fact all of “ioh” is about being off of it. unfortunately it is something like pandoras box and once you open it- it cant be shut again. and i wish it could more than anybody. if you are a fan of mine please dont vote for me in those stupid polls or anything that doesnt have to do with something i feel passionate about. even that being said. even pretty much going out every night thinking the whole front row of the audience hated me. it felt like going from hulk hogan to sid justice, or whatever his name was. but it still was therapy. and i felt a connection. i felt like a real human. im not the greatest one on one. actually i am probably one of the worst. i dont like to talk or at least i keep whatever i am thinking bottled up. i guess this is me saying thank you for giving that to me. i dont think i can say it enough.

without it now i feel like i am unravelling. and i the reason for the robert downey jr. quote is ive read in interviews that he turned to physical activities and martial arts as a form of therapy. and i guess thats where i get my therapy now that fob is gone. i get it from running and yoga. its bringing me to a better place in my head. no real reason to write this- except to say: you guys were real. you guys are real. pretty rare these days."

And here's my version.

For what feels like forever, Fall Out Boy has been my therapy. I don't know what it was before that, but it is a part of everything I feel. I know I don't usually talk to you, or even smile at you if I don't really know you. Sometimes I have things on my mind. Sometimes because your first impression on me isn't impressive enough. Sometimes just a bit off. Sometimes I feel shy. But most of the time I assume people dislike me when I meet them so I don't really talk a whole lot. I know I'm paranoid, but only few really like me for who I am. Those who understand me and who I can relate to. Those who cherish my strengths and forgive my weaknesses. And those who stay with me even after they have found new ones. But everytime I listen to Fall Out Boy, I leave everything that is twisted up inside my stomach. Every single wish, every single dream, every single problem, every single shit. Everything. I relate to every single word on the lyrics, the lyrics fit perfectly like a wondrous jigsaw. I sing, sometimes scream along with Patrick to let out the anger, the disappointment, the joy, the excitement, everything I feel. I feel a connection. I feel like a real human. I'm worse at one on one, most of the time I keep my thoughts and my feelings bottled up. I don't like to share my problems or sorrow with others, because I assume they have their own problems and listening to my whining is the last thing they wanna do. Which is probably why noone bother offering to listen. But still, I can't thank you guys enough for making me laugh everytime, for being my friends, for pretending to be friends.

Fall Out Boy is taking a break. I feel like I'm unravelling. But like I said, they need the break. They've been working way too hard. I hope with Patrick working on some of the FBR bands albums, I can still keep my therapy, because I haven't found the replacement just yet.

There ya go. I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Five different quick notes.

Hey howdy fellas.

Sorry for the few days absence, I went to Penang to attend my sister's wedding. Plus, I didn't have much to say. Yes Penang was kinda fun. Aside from the incredibly reckless and rude drivers on the street, pretty place, AWESOME food.

My sister will be back on the 24th. She's a pain in the ass most of the time, but I miss having her around.

So the final result for UiTM students is out. Kudos to those who are satisfied with their results, and deepest condolence to those who aren't. It's alright, sometimes you gotta lose to win, eh?

I wanna watch Storm Warriors so badly. Would any of you watch the movie with me ASAP? -.-'' This waiting is killing me, argh!

What else. Oh, today is Alex's birthday. Happy birthday, brother. Hope you get weirder than you already are, because you are one of a kind. I love you. xoxo

Dec. 9th, 2009


I just learned a new word today. Thanks B-lake!

It's so weird to be using odd words in conversations. I know it'd be cool in literature, but conversations?

Ok. I don't have anything to say, but feel the need to update my blog. So here I am. Bye.

Dec. 4th, 2009

Who? Lalalala.

Mengisi masa lapang yang agak kurang lately.

As requested.

i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.

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